Kiltmaking Pleats

Finest Quality Kilts - Made in Scotland

Kilts are traditionally made out of 7 to 9 yards of Medium-, Heavy- or Regimental Weight Tartan. Made to order, the pleats have to be calculated and carefully marked on the cloth, either to sett or to pleat. We also manufacture specially woven tartans, e.g. kilts with saltire pleats or thistle pleats.

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Kiltmaking Sewing

The next step is the sewing of the pleats...

Kiltmaking Lining

... and the lining of the kilt.

Kiltmaking Hand Made

Although we use sewing machines to cut on production times, much of the manufacturing process is manually done by our kilt specialists.

Kiltmaking Ironed

At the end the pleats have to be steam ironed for a permanent shape.